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Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist

Can you imagine what it would be like to wake up one morning to freedom from food and body worries?

Free from worry about “good/bad” foods or what I “should/shouldn’t” eat, etc. (I call this" food jail")

Free from tracking your worth by pounds, points, or calories.

Free from food preoccupation and fighting against your own body.

Free to enjoy all food without guilt or restriction.

Free to take charge of your own health.

Free to confidently honor your food and your body wisdom.

The path back to balance and freedom is shorter than you think. My personalized guidance can help you make the shift today through intuitive and mindful eating, and collaborative coaching.
Through our work together, you will learn the science of hunger and weight balance; let go of harmful misguided thinking and eating practices; start attuning to your body’s hunger signals; develop new behaviors; and embody a new relationship with food, your body, and your eating experience. Your energy and wellbeing will improve along with your long-term health prospects, and your weight will come to its own natural balance.



Sessions are available in my Thousand Oaks, CA, office or online by appointment.


  • Weight concerns for children, adolescents and adults
  • Family feeding
  • Disordered eating, Emotional & Binge Eating Disorder
  • Women’s health, PCOS, Nutrition for Pregnancy
  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Pre diabetes, Type 2 diabetes
  • Gastro intestinal disorders – Celiac, IBS, Gerd, other
  • Preventive and balanced nutrition 


  • Free Consultation

  • Initial Consultation 90 min.

  • Follow Up Sessions

Free consultation

I know you have questions. Will this really work? Is this right for me? How can Silvina help me? I want you to be confident about your decision. Set up a call and we will get you questions answered. It is a free exploratory call, so there is nothing to loose. I hope we talk soon.

Starter Package

Together, we will take a close look at lifestyle and thinking  patterns around food, eating, cooking, exercise, sleep and stress to uncover keys that block your best health. During this time, we will also discuss health concerns — including medical and diet history, relevant lab work,  medications. Together we work towards your short and long term goals. Worksheets and resources are provided.

Create a satisfying relationship with food, eating and your body

Understand food cravings and how to honor hunger without compromising your health

Discover a flexible and balanced way to nourish and move your body

Find support, encouragement and compassion for your personal path — leading you to lifelong confidence in nourishing and caring for your body.

Follow-up Sessions

Follow-up sessions are highly customized to address your challenges and goals. Using the latest evidenced based practices, together we will find the tools and skills needed to bring you towards a balanced way with food and eating.


If you’ve struggled long enough, deep down you know that diets don’t work and never will for long. Diets lead to weight cycling and are harmful! The science overwhelmingly supports me on this. Consider, if dieting were just a matter of imposing our will on a calorie-burning machine, everyone would be the size they want and that would be it — with no ongoing struggle!
But the body and mind are not a machine – we are incredibly complex and programmed to resist food deprivation at all costs via our genes and adaptations for survival. We are whole individuals with our own experiences, needs, and values that deserve to be honored.

Most people don’t realize that nutrition has two components to it. The first is science, which includes the chemistry of food and how food and nutrients affect our biology, physiology, and health. The second is the neuroscience and psychosocial, behavioral aspect, which is related to the phychology of food, eating, and our self care. Focusing only on food is incomplete and often ineffective. In my work, I merge the sciences and use evidence-based best practices to address the full complexity of your relationship to food, eating, your body.

Another problem I see with clients is that all are on information overload when it comes to food, weight, health, etc. There is a huge amount of misinformation when it comes to nutrition. Keep in mind the diet industry is a 70+ billion dollar industry. Everybody is a self-proclaimed expert as anyone can call themselves a “Nutritionist”! This brings confusion and mistrust around what to eat, leading to troubles with food, eating, weight cycling, body image and lack of self-care behaviors.

This all might seem too complicated, but it does not have to be- we are not here to micromanage our food and body. With sound guidance and intention, you can learn to take care of your body, naturally and with ease. Together we can rediscover YOUR food and body wisdom, leading you down the path of lifelong wellbeing!

My job is to use nutritional and behavioral best practices to support you in finding your best health, weight and wellbeing. Together, we find a lasting approach that works for you, in your body, mind and, in your life - leading to true health and wellbeing!



5 Strategies to Cultivate Intuitive & Mindful Eating

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Professional, Oxnard, CA

I have been seeing Silvina for many years for different issues I have struggled with. Weight has always been an issue for me, even after having Gastric Bypass surgery 18 years ago. Silvina introduced me to Intuitive Eating and it changed my life and my relationship with food. I no longer diet or obsess about food. I am at a lower weight today than I even was after my surgery and feel so much healthier.

She also helped me learn ways to reduce my stress level and better deal with my situation. Silvina is thoughtful, caring and kind and an extremely knowledgeable, professional.

I am forever grateful to Silvina!

Wife and Mother, Agoura Hills, CA

Working with Silvina has changed my life.  In my mid-forties and having dieted since age twelve, I was searching for a different approach to help me with my weight concerns.  Fortunately, I was drawn to Silvina and her use of the method “Intuitive Eating.” Silvina has since helped me see how dieting and restricting food intake has led to an over-focus on food and caused weight gain, rather than weight loss.  She has helped me regulate my eating, learn new behaviors to identify “diet mentality,” and refocus my weight concerns onto well-being. This approach has been extremely effective for me and I attribute my success to Silvina. She is compassionate, understanding, and above all, amazingly adept at healing long-held beliefs related to eating and weight.  Silvina’s non-judgmental attitude creates a safe environment to explore weight concerns and disordered eating, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Patricia, Oxnard, CA

Silvina is instrumental in helping me with my blood sugar control in a caring, compassionate, and non-judgmental way. She has taught me to trust my instincts and not to make decisions based on fear.  She has been the key to my success in my health.

Husband and Retired, Oxnard, CA

For two years I had abdominal pain. I was sent to different medical specialists and had numerous tests. The doctors could not diagnose my problem. My wife suggested I see Silvina. It’s the best thing I did! Silvina suggested I see my doctor and request a specific test. The doctor was then able to diagnose my problem and prescribed short term medication. Thank you, Silvina!