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Hi and welcome to my newly updated website and blog.  I am here to provide guidance, support and a different perspective about food and eating, weight, health, and your body.  As a nutrition professional for more than 25 years, I have seen so many individuals and families painfully struggle with body and weight concerns, most often leading unhealthy eating patterns and poor long-term self-care—the opposite of what they are seeking.  I can relate, as I too had body image and food struggles as an adolescent and young adult. The path to true wellbeing is not what most people think, it is not about trying harder or perusing weight loss at one’s expense — it is about letting go of the beliefs that are no serving us and exploring other ways,  which can be scary, yet, SO much more fulfilling and enjoyable. It is about taking good care of our whole self –mind, and body– by practicing health-enhancing behaviors that are achievable and sustainable!

What does this path look like?  There is a healthier alternative to dieting or controlling our food intake, which is tedious at best and can be life sucking at worst.  Through the lens of Health at Every Size ® and using intuitive and mindful eating, I offer you a kinder, more flexible and inherent approach that resonates deeply with most clients I work with.  Why, because food is a basic need for all of us humans, as we all need to be nourished on a day to day basis no matter what body we are in or what our culture or others tell us. We are all born with the wisdom to nourish and take care of ourselves, but we have forgotten and are confused by all the noise, rules and judgment around food, body, health, and weight that we don’t know what or how to eat anymore.

In trying to control our health, body, and food, we end up more out of control.  We work against our own natural and basic need for food. Our bodies have very strong biological mechanisms to keep us from continuing to lose weight or go below our genetically determined set range— this is why most regain their weight back over and over and often more. These mechanisms include downregulation of energy expenditure (aka our metabolism) and upregulation of hunger and food preoccupation (aka cravings)  through very complex hormonal and brain functions. These mechanisms are well documented by the Minnesota Starvation Experiments of World War II (Keys, Brozek, Henschel, Mickelsen,&Taylor,1950) and described in detail in Tracy Mann’s (2018) article, Why do Dieters Regain Weight? Calorie deprivation alters body and mind, overwhelming willpower.  

Our brain and body’s primary concern is to survive, it has developed strong protective physiological systems over thousands of years, or we would not be here — as I tell my clients –biology always wins. This is a major factor why diets do not work and wreak havoc with our body systems and our eating, yet no one talks about it, people just blame themselves, tragically.   It is not your fault you can’t “stick to it” as you can see, dieting or restricting food in any way will sound the survival alarm — your body just wants to protect you!

And know, there is no perfect way to eat, no perfect food, no “keto magic”, if there was, everyone would have discovered it by now.  Food is lifegiving, a natural necessity and part of life, it does not need to be so hard. With sound guidance and attention, we can all restore our natural eating and selfcare rhythms with ease and enjoyment.

This is why working with our biology instead of against it makes the journey so much more pleasant and healthful. In reconnecting to our bodies, we listen and learn what exercise and eating patterns are sustainable for us in the long run, it is not all or nothing.  We are always on the path to our wellbeing. And we are always navigating it from our internal wisdom as our bodies and lives are constantly changing, even the weather impacts our food choices.   It is a winding path, yes with boulders and challenges, and we don’t always know what is around the corner but it is ok as we adapt our eating, exercise, and other selfcare routines accordingly,  in a way that works for us in our body, our mind and in our lives as only one knows what is best for one’s self and one’s family.  

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